Omar Hamilton Group Makes Donation To Krèsh Bai Bini

WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao recently received a visit from the Omar Hamilton Group: a group which includes international executives guided by Mr. Omar “The Big O” Hamilton. During the American Memorial Day weekend the group explored the island, got acquainted with the culture and made some nice gestures to kindergarten “Kresh Bai Bin”.

The group was highly impressed by the beauty of the island combined with the culture, culinary experience and architecture. The group was founded in the beginning of the year 2000 by Omar Hamilton, with one simple mission; to travel with a group of people to different destinations to explore and extend knowledge. Besides this, the group also makes a donation to an organization or foundation in the country they visit.

It was during his most recent trip to the island that, The Omar Hamilton Group visited Kresh Bai Bin and made a gesture to the kids of this children’s daycare. Making ends meet has been difficult for Kresh Bai Bin, that’s why the donation made by the Omar Hamilton Group is of great importance. The leader of the group expressed his gratitude towards the provided hospitality and continued by saying how happy the group is to give a helping hand to the community especially to Kresh Bai Bin. CTB applauds these types of initiatives and recognizes that these are the fruits of efforts of all partners within the tourism industry during the ‘Dushi Hende’ awareness campaign.

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